Skin Tightening:

The “Holy Grail” of skin care is to find a way of tightening skin and restoring a youthful appearance without surgery. InMode has made serious inroads in that quest with their development of skin tightening devices.

Forma and Forma Plus are hand held devices used on the skin of the face and extremities respectively that deliver radiofrequency waves to the dermis heating it to that critical temperature where collagen contracts and skin tightens without burning. It is a very useful tool to restore tone to the skin and also as maintenance treatment following surgery.

Fractora takes skin tightening one step further by applying radiofrequency waves to small pins on the head of the applicator to deliver heat necessary for collagen contraction down within the dermis itself. With two pin depths to choose from, Fractora is very useful in treating skin laxity, mild wrinkles, enlarged pores, thickened scars and acne.

BodyTite and NeckTite are slightly more advanced technologies that achieve even greater dermal heating and collagen stimulation and contraction. For patients experiencing early neck skin laxity or early wrinkling of the skin of the extremities can benefit from this technology. It is also very useful as an adjunct to liposuction to aide in the contracture of the overlying skin after treament.