“With Radiesse, wrinkles and folds can disappear”


(formerly Radiance) Radiesse is an injectable wrinkle filler used to fill deep wrinkles and lines. Radiesse is long-lasting; recent studies have shown that a single Radiesse treatment can last a year or longer. Radiesse is made of microscopic calcium crystals suspended in a gel, and it has already proven safe in several other medical applications. Unlike collagen, no skin testing is required and allergic reactions are uncommon. Results are visible immediately following the treatment and Radiesse is popular among patients because it contains no animal products, is very compatible with the body, and may last longer than other injectable fillers.

Wrinkle fillers are especially effective on deep lines or wrinkles – the ones you can see even when your face is fully relaxed. They can also be used on any indentation in your skin, such as scars.

Serious complications from wrinkle fillers are rare. Swelling, redness and tenderness might occur, but minimize over a few days.

There is no pain after the injection. Immediately after the treatment, you can expect slight redness, swelling, tenderness or an itching sensation in the treated area. This is a normal result of the injection. The discomfort is temporary and generally disappears within a few days.

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