What Does a Nose Job or Rhinoplasty Entail?

Science defines beauty as the level of symmetry a face displays. Ever notice a handsome movie star? Their face is nearly identical on both sides, creating the appearance we all desire. Patients with noses that are crooked, humped, ridged, or previously broken can find great benefit in a rhinoplasty. During surgery small refinements in the structure of the nose can achieve dramatic improvements in the nasal appearance without changing ones overall look. A nose can be shortened both in height, length and width to achieve facial balance.

Deviation of the nose, which is usually due to curvature of the septum (midline cartilage) can also be corrected. During the initial consultation, Dr. Zimmerman will review the proposed nasal refinements with you using computer imaging prior to surgery, to give you a better understanding of what your outcome would look like after surgery. A splint is worn after surgery for seven to ten days in order to help resolve swelling and stabilize the nasal bones as they heal.

The relationship of the chin to the projection of the jaws and nose is an essential relationship to evaluate prior to considering nasal or chin surgery. A recessed chin can artificially give a nose a lengthy appearance. If deficient, the chin projection can be enhanced by insertion of a silastic implant or by a technique of bone advancement (See Chin Augmentation for more details). Computer imaging again greatly facilitates the decision making process when considering nasal or chin augmentation surgery.

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What Is The Recovery Time?

While the initial recovery can be quick, generally 1-2 weeks in the splint, healing is an ongoing process. Most patients feel they look acceptable to go out within the first week, however it may take up to 2 weeks to feel ready to go back to work. Contact sports are strictly prohibited for at least one month while the bones harden into place. The final nasal appearance may not be seen for several months as the swelling resolves.