Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy:

As we all know, breast cancer is a disease which affects nearly one in every eight women across America. In some instances, if the cancer is small and localized, doctors may offer a lumpectomy followed by radiation of the breast to treat the remaining tissue. In other instances doctors recommend a mastectomy to remove all of the breast tissue and eliminate the risk of leaving any remaining cancer cells. As a result, these women are often left with empty breast cavities and feel embarrassed and emasculated. There is hope. A breast reconstruction procedure can help restore your breasts and recreate a breast mound and help to jump-start the emotional healing process. There are three basic approaches to reconstruction. One involves the use of one’s own tissue, transferred onto the chest wall as a tissue flap. The other technique involves stretching the remaining tissue with a device known as a tissue expander, so that a permanent breast implant may eventually be inserted. The third option uses a combination of flap and implant. During a consultation, Dr Zimmerman will help you to choose which style of reconstruction is right for you.

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