Would I be a Candidate for a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is surgical procedure that removes sagging skin to restore the overall perkiness and youthful appearance of the breast. The goal of a lift is to rejuvenate the tired breasts to make them look more youthful and upright. Over time, breasts begin to sag due to weigh loss/ gain, child bearing, and gravity.

The degree of sagging, or ptosis, of the breast is determined by the relationship of the nipple and areola to the remainder of the breast tissue and the crease below the breast (inframammary crease). Physicians have devised a rating scale where Grade I ptosis refers to a breast where the nipple is pointing forward and is located above the inframammary crease. Grade II ptosis implies a breast where the nipple is still pointing forward, but it has settled below the inframammary crease. Grade III ptosis implies a breast where the nipple and areola have fallen below the inframammary crease and are pointing downward towards the floor.

During a consultation, Dr Zimmerman will recommend the lift that is right for you dependent upon the grading scale listed above. Often times implants are recommended to achieve the most optimal outcome. Pricing varies depending on the type of lift required. Dr Zimmerman performs five different styles of lifts (Mastopexies) depending on the degree of ptosis. A carefully detailed consultation along with explanations of the anticipated results and scars are essential before proceeding with this procedure.

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Would I need Implants too?

Every case is unique to the individual’s anatomy and dependent upon their reasons and goals for electing for surgery. A lift will remove the sagging skin that develops over time, but does not always result in the desired fullness without the use of an implant. In mild cases of breast ptosis, slightly lowering the position of the implant would mitigate the need for a lift, but in cases of significant breast ptosis it is a misconception that the placement of an implant will cause the breasts to lift.

Depending on the degree of ptosis, there are some cases where a lift is not necessary and your goals can be accomplished simply by a breast augmentation. Dr Zimmerman will be able to advise you on the surgery that is best suited for you and will create the best results.

What Should I Know about the Surgery?

Typically recovery time for a breast lift is between 1-2 weeks on average. Women with jobs that require strenuous activity may take longer to return to work. Physical activity and aerobic exercise is not permitted during the initial 2 week period, and Dr Zimmerman will let you know when it is okay to return to regular work outs. In addition, women with small children should seek help for the first couple weeks as they are required to avoid putting strain on the chest muscles.

There is some scarring associated with a breast lift, and will be discussed in the initial consultation as mentioned above. The scars are not visible in a bikini top or bathing suit. In effort to reduce the appearance of scars as your body begins to heal, a prescription cream can be applied to the incision as well as regular messaging of the area to increase blood flow.